• Product Name: liuwenyu 3D ocean TV background wall paper European wallpaper wallpaperliving room 5D non woven three dimensional mural Mediterranean cool 16d crystal relief silk cloth / m2
  • Commodity number: 44148586653
  • Shop: Huabi home decoration shop
  • Gross weight: 1.0kg
  • Paving technology: adhesive wallpper

Very good baby. I bought TV wall and sofa background before. This time, the new cabinet of the restaurant comes, and there are just two empty walls. Originally intended to buy two large stickers, but like the picture due to pixel problems, there is no way. I still chose the mural, but fortunately, I chose it, and the effect of the paste is very good. My home is 5D, and the previous pattern is not obvious. This time I chose the seaside pattern, and the effect comes out. Because I saw the workers pasted it last time, I bought good glutinous rice glue and base film this time. But it's hard to mix glue and water. It's not completely liquid, but it's OK. It takes patience to cut edges. Fortunately, I pasted corridor wallpaper before and had a foundation. On the whole, they can experience the happiness of labor by themselves, but it's better for inexperienced parents to let them come to the door and enjoy the beautiful picture effect.

2021-02-01 04:15:43

The quality is very good, the picture is exquisite, the color is bright

2021-02-01 04:15:42

Appearance style: no distortion of color, beautiful appearance

2021-02-01 04:15:42